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Creating a Personal Zen Garden

The Willow Ridge gift shop offers a beautiful selection of elements to create your own desk or table top Zen [...]

Creating a Personal Zen Garden2023-02-07T15:54:42-05:00

Keeping a Plant Journal

Whether you are a brand new gardener or a seasoned veteran one of the best ideas we can offer is [...]

Keeping a Plant Journal2023-02-07T15:54:42-05:00

Picking a Color Scheme

When faced with a sea of beautiful colors and textures at our garden center, a common question we hear is, [...]

Picking a Color Scheme2023-02-07T15:54:44-05:00

Christmas Tree Recycling

Another Christmas has come and gone, and although we may breathe a sigh of relief when the hustle and bustle [...]

Christmas Tree Recycling2023-02-07T15:54:45-05:00
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