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If you are looking to add a splash of water to your landscape but not yet ready for a pond or waterfall, then a fountain landscape (fountainscape) is perfect for your outdoor space. The sight and sound of running water of a fountainscape can be installed at a fraction of the price of a pond or waterfall.

Fountainscapes also turns an average landscape into a show piece that’s the conversation piece of all your neighbors and friends. The greatest aspect of these outdoor fountains, aside from the lack of maintenance, is the variety in which the fountains come!

How Do These Outdoor Fountains Operate?

Outdoor fountains and fountainscapes operate pretty similary to those of pondless waterfalls with their reservoir system.

  • The Fountain: Water moves up through the fountain and spills out. With fountainscapes, the amount of water coming out of the actual fountain is generally very low so there is not much noise associated with these features.
  • The Pondless Reservoir: Much like the reservoir in the standard Pondless Waterfall, a fountainscape sits on top of a water collection reservoir. This is a actually a square plastic tub that has the same job as the Aquablocks. Water will pass through the gravel (which still acts as a filter for large debris) into the reservoir. From there, it is pumped through a pipe that is connected to the hose that resides inside the fountain.
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The Benefits Of A Fountains Hardscape

If space is an issue, an outdoor fountain may be your best bet. These can take up very little space (think 4′ x 4′) and pack a punch for the creativeness that lives in such a small area.

It also requires as much maintenance as the pondless water feature, which is next-to-nothing! Since there are no koi fish or aquatic plants, these can be very easy to keep looking nice!

The Basalt Column fountain is our most natural looking fountainscape. Basalt is a volcanic stone that has actually been used in various types of architectures over the years. This particular fountain has a rubber tube that is drilled through the inside of the stone to allow water to pass from the bottom through the top.
Our Urn Fountainscapes are another very popular item for their versatility. These urns come in a variety of sizes and can really stand out!

The Urn Fountain also comes with a small LED light that is fixed around the spout in the top of the fountain so you can enjoy your feature even when the sun goes down.

These Spillway Bowls are the newest addition to our outdoor fountain collection. These mimic something of that you would see in The Roman Era or in Ancient Greece. They develop what looks like a metallic patina to make it seem as if they’ve been there for years!

The standard setup of The Spillway Bowls are to have one bowl spill into another, which then slowly cascades down the sides of the bowl into the gravel. You’re able to add multiple bowls so the possibilities of fountain setup are endless!

Adding gravel to a pond helps by nurturing the beneficial bacteria the wildlife in the pond use. It also keeps the rubber liner safe from UV rays and creates a more natural look for the pond.
The Skimmer filter unit is the second form of filtration in the pond ecosystem. It contains a plastic basket for easy removal of larger debris. This is also where the pump is stored that circulates the water back to the BIOFALLS Filter.


The average Fountainscape price is $5,000 & up. The cost ranges are dependent on the type of fountain installed and the number of actual features.

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