Pond Maintenance Service

You’re supposed to get your car’s oil changed every 3000 miles to keep it in it’s best working condition. A water feature is no different in that annual pond maintenance keeps the ecosystem in it’s best working condition too!

Why is Annual Pond Maintenance Service Important?

One of the best ways to keep your water feature or pond’s maintenance down is by doing an annual cleaning. Annual cleaning is important to your water feature’s health and ecosystem. The best way to reduce the amount of maintenance of your water feature is through preventative maintenance in order to keep it healthy.

Whether you have an ecosystem pond, waterfall or fountainscape, the cleanout prepares the feature for whatever is next to come! Pond cleaning services are dirty yet a necessary task to promote a healthy ecosystem and provide clear water for you to enjoy.

Annual Pond Cleaning Services

When Should I Get My Pond Cleaned?

Here at Willow Ridge, we clean pretty much year round! Of course during the winter months we don’t go out, but starting early spring all the way through late fall, we can turn your pond from green to clear!

Spring is a very popular time to have maintenance services done to your water feature! This will help clear the way for a beautiful pond come BBQ season and will clean out the water from the winter months. This service generally starts at the beginning of March but is weather dependent.
This service is the same as in the spring time but focuses on preparing the pond for the winter. A very popular option that most of our clients opt for is to have their pond netted to help prevent as much foliage from falling in the pond during Autumn. Once the leaves have fallen, simply remove the net and store for the next year!
  1. Drain the pond and move the fish to aerated tanks.
  2. Pressure wash rocks and gravel and pump out all the sludge out of the bottom.
  3. Prune and fertilize aquatic plants.
  4. Reposition rocks that have settled.
  5. Clean the skimmer.
  6. Remove the pump and inspect and clean.
  7. Clean the filters.
  8. Check underwater lights and change bulbs if necessary.
  9. Start filling pond and acclimate fish to the new water.

Bi-Weekly Pond Maintenance

Willow Ridge offers pond maintenance to all our water feature customers to guarantee a beautiful water feature day after day. Although our ecosystem water features are low in maintenance and easy to care for, some work is involved to properly maintain you water garden.

Most people choose to have us service their water feature bi-weekly, but some request weekly or monthly visits. The average cost of a visit is $100.00.

Maintenance Process:

  1. Empty skimmer and inspect pump.
  2. Clean skimmer filter mat.
  3. Inspect automatic water fill valve.
  4. Trim water plants and dead blooms from aquatic plants.
  5. Removal and treatment of string algae.
  6. Add beneficial bacteria.
  7. Remove debris from stream and ponds edge.
  8. Monitor fish health.

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