Pondless Waterfall Construction

Pondless water features are simply a re-circulating waterfall and or stream without the presence of a pond. Imagine having the sights and sounds of running water outside your window with next to no maintenance. These tend to be more common around the Oak Ridge area due to the large root structures that the trees in the area have.

Benefits Of A Pondless Waterfall

This is a newer product that we carry and our clients enjoy this feature for a few different reasons:

  • Next To No Maintenance: We’ve already mentioned this once and it’s no mistake that we’re talking about it again. The lack of a pond takes this feature from low to next-to-no on the maintenance scale due to no wildlife. With a pond, you need to clean out the skimmer periodically since the fish/plants create waste. With a pondless feature, you can even add chlorine to keep the water clear and algae free year round!
  • Great For Small Areas: If you only have a small area to work with or just don’t want such a large focal point in your backyard, these are for you. They can be on the more subtle side and don’t need to be a Niagara Falls in your yard. Next to your walkway heading to the front door are a very popular spot for these!
  • Great Variety: A Pondless Waterfall does not have to be a waterfall at all! It can be a long meandering stream that just seems to fade into nothingness.
Pondless Waterfall Construction

How A Pondless Waterfall Works?

Pondless water features are very unique in that they’re so versatile. They’re perfect for schools, businesses, etc. They’re also great for those who travel frequently and aren’t able to tend to their water feature as much as necessary. So you must be wondering, how do they actually work. Well, just read on:

Just like in a pond, the water will spill out of a spillway. In some cases, the same BIOFALLS Filter will be used, while in others a simple waterfall spillway unit is utilized.
Once the water has made it down the waterfall or stream, it flows into the pit. The pit is made of gravel and actually acts as a filter. Just like with the basket that is inside of a skimmer unit in a pond, any large debris will be caught in the pit.

One cool feature about the pit is that you’re able to control the amount of standing water! This means that you can have zero water all the way up to a few inches above the gravel.

The third and final feature of the Pondless Waterfall are the Aquablocks and pump vault. The Aquablocks (which are the milk crate looking rectangles in the diagram) help to reduce the amount of gravel that is necessary to use and provides the water storage.

The pump vault has the purpose of just what it sounds like, holding the pump. This is where the water is recirculated from the reservoir back up to the waterfalls.


The cost of a small waterfall or stream range from $8,000 to $12,000. Medium size waterfall and streams range between $12,000 and $18,000. We also do very large pondless features that range from $20,000 & up.

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