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We sell bulk goods (mulch, topsoil, gravel, etc.) by the Bobcat Scoop, which is approximately 4/5 of a cubic yard. A scoop will cover approximately an 8′ x 8′ area 2″-3″ deep, depending on the material. We can load your truck or trailer any time we’re open, and we also offer delivery options.

Delivering Mulch | Topsoil | Pea Gravel | River Rock & More…

We deliver Monday-Saturday in our local delivery area as scheduled. We can deliver up to 8 scoops of rock, topsoil, or compost per delivery & 18 scoops of hardwood, black, or red mulch per delivery. Please note, we can only bring one material at a time.

Garden & Mulch Delivery Knoxville TN

We also have large River Rock and River Rock Boulders available on site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Goods

Typically, we suggest 1-2 inches of mulch. Be careful not to add too much mulch because that can suffocate your plants. If you have any questions regarding mulching your garden, or you feel as if it’s a job too big for you, call our Knoxville TN Landscapers today.

Mulching helps improve the structure of your soil, allow your plants and garden to flourish. We highly recommend mulching at least once a year, if not twice a year. Although it’s much more than just laying mulch, you need to be sure to clear out the old mulch every so often so you aren’t stuck with a layer that doesn’t decompose or allow roots to grow.
Gravel can come in many different varieties, but the biggest difference in pea gravel and standard gravel is the size. Pea gravel is usually around 3/8th of an inch, while standard gravel stones are closer to 1”. Pea gravel is also softer to the touch because of it’s rounded and smooth sides.
This depends on the age of the driveway, how many layers have been previously poured, and many other factors, but we typically suggest 2-2.5 inches.
Depending on where you are placing the pea gravel you may or may not need a barrier. If you are placing it on top of loose sandy soil, we highly suggest a base layer, but hard clay soil will be able to support the pea gravel.
We suggest placing a weed barrier fabric under your river rock to help prevent the growth of weeds and to prevent the rocks sinking into the soil.

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