We Plan You Plant

We Plan You Plant is a free service to help you plan and design a specific area in your landscape. This garden center service is perfect for those looking to do their own DIY gardening and landscaping. We will devote 30 minutes of consultation / design time which is enough to provide you with valuable assistance, but not enough to do a scaled drawing or master plan.

Before Meeting With Your We Plan You Plant Planner

  • Decide which area of your landscape you want to enhance.

  • Take measurements of the area (Length & Width) and determine how many hours, and time of day that it receives sunlight.
  • Take digital photos and then click on the link below to give us your information and send the photos.
  • A Willow Ridge staff member will call you to set up an appointment. This is a 30-minute session, so select a specific project area that can be designed in that time frame.
Garden Layout Design

Have a question?

Not sure if this is the right service for you, but you’re ready to start a project? Upload your photos and we’ll get in touch with a scheduled consultation.