Late Summer / Fall Container Plantings

As Summer draws to an end, and Fall quickly approaches, it’s time to rethink our container plantings.  Some of my beautiful Summer annuals are starting to look old and tired, while some of them are still going like gangbusters!  Let’s bring in some reinforcements!  Pull out anything that doesn’t look good and replace it with fresh new color that will carry your container into the Fall.

At Willow Ridge we specialize in container plantings.  Especially when the seasons are changing.  We can help you transition your Spring/Summer container into Fall.  There are many perennial plants that show off this time of year and they are perfect for accenting your pots.

Plant Suggestions

Plants such as Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan and Russian Sage give height, texture and color.  Ferns, Hosta’s and Heuchera give shady pots a whole new look with their colorful foliage.  Ornamental Grasses are the bomb this time of year and they are awesome in container plantings.  Let’s not forget about evergreen trees and shrubs.  They are not just for planting in the ground.  A well placed evergreen tree or shrub could be a focal point for several years in a pot surrounded by seasonal color.

container plantings

The staples of Fall plantings are also great to put into these pots.  Things like Chrysanthemums, Celosia, Pansies and Violas.  As the season progresses, you could add some miniature pumpkins, gourds or even some Indian Corn to these container for additional interest.

Thriller + Filler + Spiller = A Killer Pot

This basic idea can be used with your Fall planters.  The Thriller is the focal point, usually taller than the rest of the plants.  The Filler is the plants or accents that fill up the empty space around the Thriller.  The Spillers are the ones that creep out and over the sides of your pot.

container plantings

So take a look at your existing pots.  See if they look like Fall, if not then let us help you.  Come and see the color and selection we have to create that perfect Fall container.

And remember, if you don’t have any pots, now is the time to get started.  The shapes, sizes and colors are almost limitless.  How fun and exciting is it, to see the season come alive with plants!

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