Growing Carrots in East Tennessee

Growing Carrots in East Tennessee I’ve been told you can’t grow a decent carrot in East Tennessee but that’s simply [...]

Growing Carrots in East Tennessee2023-02-07T15:55:15-05:00

Tomato and Pepper-Blossom End Rot

As you walk through your garden eyeing the upcoming harvest you see it…the bottom of your young tomatoes are sunken [...]

Tomato and Pepper-Blossom End Rot2023-02-07T15:55:12-05:00

Picking a Color Scheme

When faced with a sea of beautiful colors and textures at our garden center, a common question we hear is, [...]

Picking a Color Scheme2023-02-07T15:54:44-05:00

Air Plants? What?

Yes, you read that right! There is a wonderful, easy care plant out there called Tillandsia, or Air Plant. For [...]

Air Plants? What?2023-02-07T15:54:43-05:00
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