How To Care For A Live Christmas Tree

Having a live Christmas tree is a great tradition. The look and smell of a live Christmas tree cannot be replaced. With the proper care, your family can enjoy a live Christmas tree this season. Let me give you some advice on how to be safe and keep your live Christmas tree healthy and looking great through the Christmas holiday. The most important factor about live Christmas tree care is water. Whether you choose to have a living Christmas tree (with root ball intact) that you will plant later or a live cut tree.

Live Christmas Tree With Root Ball

First, let’s talk about a living Christmas tree that you will plant later. Once you choose your tree, measure the size of the root ball. You will need a container large enough to hold the root ball. A washtub or other strong container without holes is suitable. The root ball should stay moist, watering as needed, but not standing in water. Living Christmas trees should not be kept indoors for more than ten days.

If it’s really cold outside after Christmas you will need to acclimate your living Christmas tree before planting. Take it to an unheated area such as a basement or garage for a day or two. Water as needed during this time keeping the root ball moist. Then take outside and plant in an area suitable for the tree to reach its mature size.

Fresh Cut Live Christmas Tree

Fresh cut Christmas trees can be kept inside the home for a much longer period of time. Again water is key in safety and longevity. The tree should recut about an inch or so above the base. This will help the tree absorb water. Some Christmas tree lots (such as Willow Ridge Garden Center) recut the tree for you and keep them in water. If you put the tree in water as soon you get it home, there is no need for another cut.

If the temperature outside is drastically different than that inside, your tree will need to be acclimated. Set the tree in an unheated area such as garage or basement for a day or so before bringing indoors. This will reduce stress on the tree that could cause dryness and premature loss of needles. Make sure your stand is the right size for your tree and that it can hold plenty of water. Some trees can use a gallon or more of water within the first few days inside your home.

Christmas Tree Tips

Whether you choose a living tree or a live cut tree, preventing dryness is the key to Christmas tree safety. Your Christmas tree should be placed away from heat vents heaters, fireplaces, or stoves which could cause drying. Keep your tree watered thoroughly checking it every day. A well-watered Christmas tree will not pose a fire risk.

Set your Christmas tree in a situation where it is not likely to be knocked over. Check the lights and electric cords before putting them on the tree to make sure they are in good condition. Turn lights off before going to bed or when you are not going to be home.

Live Christmas trees are a great tradition. Keeping them healthy and safe is not difficult. Enjoy this season with a live Christmas tree and from all of us at Willow Ridge, Merry Christmas!

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