Planting Annuals can be fun and exciting!  With so many Vibrant Colors it’s hard to decide what to plant.  In any case, it’s a good idea to have a Thriller, A Filler and A Spiller.

To start you must find the perfect pot to plant your annuals in.  Let’s say you have gone with a 10 inch pot.  What makes the pot a 10 inch pot?  Take a measuring tape and measure the opening in the top of the pot.  The measuring tape should read 10 inches.

It’s also important to know if you planting a pot for Sun or Shade, and pick  plants according to their preference.  Most will come with a tag that has information indicating what the plant needs.  For our example lets do a Sun pot.

Second you need to have a good potting soil.  I recommend fafard potting soil mixed with soil conditioner, the mix should be about 50/50.  Mix into your soil mix, about a handful of Osmocote Plant Fertilizer will do nicely.  Osmocote will not burn your plant roots.  Follow directions as to when you should reapply.

Third, It’s time to pick out your plants.  When picking plants you should decide how many you will be planting.  For our pot let’s do 6 plants.  Look at the plants leaves and stem for any discolorations, you want to ensure you are planting healthy plants.  For example, if the plant is supposed to have a rich green stem with green leaves and it doesn’t, don’t purchase it.  Things to look for: Black or brown spots, rotten stems or yellow or black leaves.  Now that we have chosen healthy, beautiful plants, lets get started planting.

The Thriller!  A thriller plant is a tall plant that will be the focal point.  Place the Thriller in the middle of the pot.  It can be Green Spikes, Angel Trumpet, Salvia, Cleome or othetr tall Sun Loving plant.  I like to use a small Hibiscus in a 4 inch pot, that is usually about 6 inches tall.

The Filler!  Just what it sounds like, a plant to fill in empty spaces in the pot.  A couple of these types are Euphorbia and Lantana.  You can use 2 of the fillers in your 10 inch pot.  Place the Fillers diagonally behind the Thriller plant.  They should be placed about 2-3 inches apart from each other.

The Spiller!  Any Sun Loving plant that will cascade over the rim of the pot.  These will be planted along the rim of the pot in the front and on the sides.  I would recommend staying around 3 plants.  These consist of Bacopa, Super Bells, Petunias, Vinca Vine or an Ivy.  You can mix or match your spillers, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Finally, place the pot in the Sun.  Water your plant and enjoy watching them grow.  Be sure to check them every day for their watering needs.  Planted pots dry out faster.  You can add Soil Moist into your potting mix to help the soil hold moisture.