This is one question we get asked a lot at the garden center and the answer is, yes! Evergreens make a stunning statement in larger pots whether they flank a front door or mixed within the garden. They add just a little something special that can make a big impact.

There are just a few things to remember about planting evergreens in pots.

  1. Eventually they will outgrow the container so choose an evergreen that you think will fit in your landscape once it’s full grown.
  2. Root systems of shrubs are larger than those of flowers and you will need to pay close attention to watering. Evergreens tend to be either under or over watered so, get to know your specific evergreens watering needs.
  3. Never place your pot directly on the ground or in a tray. Water needs to drain out of the bottom.
  4. A helpful rule for container size is, a one gallon evergreen should be planted in at least a 14” container and a three gallon evergreen should be planted in at least an 18” container.

So let’s take a look at the best evergreens for sun and shade and help you pick the right one for you.
Our favorite shade loving shrubs here at Willow Ridge Garden Center & Landscaping include;

Rhododendron – Rhododendrons are wide plants so you will need a fairly large pot for these but they add bold texture and beautiful clusters colored flowers in the spring.

Azalea – Encore azaleas can add a ton of color to containers throughout the season. They bloom in spring and then periodically in summer and fall unlike traditional azaleas which only bloom in the spring.

Camellia – Late fall and winter blooming makes Camellias a great option to fill in the gaps when you want a splash of color.

Sky Pencil Holly – Sky Pencil holly is a lovely upright evergreen that adds a bit of formality when the flank a doorway or porch entrance. Because they are narrow, additional room is available in the pot for a pop of colorful annuals.

Aucuba – The foliage color and texture of a Gold Dust Aucuba are what gives it a big impact. The variegated yellow and green leaves can brighten up a shady area.
If you have full sun, give these a try;

Dwarf Alberta Spruce – This is a winner for small spaces and containers. The dwarf Alberta is a very slow grower with a perfect conical shape that rarely requires pruning.

Sky Pencil Holly –The sky pencil has as much impact in the sun as it does in the shade!

Nandina – Nandina is a wonderful choice for softening hard edges with its wispy colorful foliage. A huge bonus is the transition from its soft colors in the spring to its bold and beautiful jewel tones in the fall and winter.

Yucca – If you’re looking for a tropical or southwestern feel, go for the Yucca. Their spiked leaves and tall center stalk of white flowers add a real interest and texture to your landscape.

Windmill Palm – Another great evergreen with a tropical feel. It’s winter hardy and looks fantastic around a swimming pool.

Try something new this year and add some evergreens to your containers! We think you’re going to love the look!