Pond vs Pondless: The Pros and Cons

Most people enjoy the sound of running water, and how it seems to cool and freshen the air around it. I have talked to a lot of people that love the idea of a water feature. But when I ask them, “why don’t you put in a pond?” many aren’t sure about it. Sometimes they have seen other people’s ponds that weren’t well taken care of.  They think that if they have a pond, it is always going to look and smell bad. Other times they have seen a pond that looks nice, but when they hear about all the work, or money, that went into keeping it nice, they are just not interested. What most of these people don’t realize is that they can enjoy a water feature at home without the hassle of a fish pond.  This blog explains the Pros and Cons of Pond vs Pondless water features.


There are a couple of benefits to having a pond that a pondless feature can’t offer. A pondless waterfall cannot be filled when beautiful, colorful, elegant Koi. Not having a deep pool of water also limits your water gardening options. For, example, you can’t really keep healthy water lilies without at least 12 inches of water depth. Also, some people like to get in the pond. Recreational ponds are becoming more a more popular as an alternative to in-ground pools. But, if you are not in love with any of these features, then perhaps a pondless is more appropriate for you.


A pondless water feature is a great thing to consider if you are on the fence about installing a water feature. There are several advantages to this alternative. First of which is that a pondless waterfall is easier to treat for algae. It is also easier and cheaper to clean. You don’t have to worry about fish care. It is a much simpler task to tend to your water gardening when you don’t have to get in 2 to 3 feet of water to do it. When you have little to no standing water that means you don’t have stagnant water for mosquito larvae to hatch in. Although you can’t have fish in a pondless waterfall, that does not mean it will be devoid of life. A pondless feature will still be inhabited by frog, turtles, and other amphibians and reptiles, as well as attracting birds and countless other wildlife. So, you can still sit and enjoy watching critters interacting with your water feature.

Turning A Pond Into A Pondless

Some of you may have a pond in your yard that you are not happy with. Whether it was just more maintenance than you realized or perhaps you inherited when you bought your house.  But you are just not sure you want to keep it. Instead of filling it in with dirt you can convert it to a pondless waterfall. That’s right folks. You can fill your pond with rock and keep the beauty and serenity of your water feature while significantly reducing the work that goes into it.

Obviously, you now have a lot to consider when comparing a pond vs pondless water feature. So, I hope my little pro-con list helps you decide what works best for you. We are always here with bended ear to help you weigh your many options. Catch you downstream.

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