How many tree lights do I need? The rule is 100 lights for every 1.5 foot of tree but never be afraid to do more!

My tree lights are out and I can’t find any bad bulbs. Check the fuses located in the plug end of the strand. Pop them out and if you see a black streak in the fuse replace it. You should be back in business!

My Christmas lights won’t stay lit. Always be sure to check the instructions on the box. Most light strands shouldn’t exceed three sets connected into each other.

I ran out of ornament hooks! Grab the paper clips! Open the clip so it forms an ‘S’ and use it as a hook. These can even be stronger than the cheap hooks sold today.

I ran out of gutter hooks to hang my lights! If you have some wooden clothes pins hanging around they are the perfect substitute.

I’m worried about damaging my railing using wire to string my garland. Pick up a package of Zip Ties. They will not only protect surfaces from damage, they will hold decorations more securely than wire.

Finished wrapping and have a bunch of ribbon scraps left over? Use them to wrap around plain candles to jazz them up. Use a straight pin pushed through the ribbon and candle to hold it in place.

I ran out of decorative tins to package my cookies! Start saving Pringles containers now! Rinse them out, wrap them with decorative paper and fill them with cookies, they are the perfect size!

Hate to throw away those fall pumpkins? If they have stayed cool and dry they are probably still in great shape. Paint them white, stack them, add a face, scarf and hat and you have a pretty cool snowman for your front porch!