Reasons to Consider a Water Feature Maintenance Package

What if I asked you why you don’t have a someone maintenance your pond for you? Do you find yourself answering, “Why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself?” If so, you are one of many. I’ll admit I am the type of person that would much rather do it myself and save money. Paying for a water feature maintenance package may not be for you, and that is ok.

  • Do you mind cleaning out your skimmer basket/net in December when the water is freezing?
  • Are you are ok with pulling muck and string algae out of your stream by hand?
  • Is climbing in and out of your pond to tend to your water lilies no big deal?
  • Do you have plenty of time in the day to take care of all your water features needs?

If you already take care of all of these things, then you can stop reading now because you don’t need maintenance. However, if you hesitated at any of these questions, then you may want to keep reading. Here are some reasons to consider a water feature maintenance package for your pond, waterfall, or fountainscape.

water feature maintenance package

We all lead busy lives. Some of us have lives so busy, things like maintenance on your water feature get pushed down on the priority list. Before you know it, you have algae everywhere, the stream is overloaded with leaves, and the water is so green you can’t see the fish. If you aren’t staying on top of things it takes no time at all for a pond to get out of hand. If you can relate to this then you should consider a maintenance package.

water feature maintenance package

Maybe you have plenty of time, but you just don’t like to maintenance your pond because it is just gross. This is my chosen job and I love doing it! I am just one of those people that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. But I know that it isn’t for everyone and I’ll be the first one to tell you my job is a very dirty job. Maybe the muck doesn’t bother you, but cleaning the skimmer or pulling dead foliage feels like a chore and you just don’t want to do it. I get that. I hate washing dishes. That’s why I have a dishwasher. Let me be your dishwasher.

water feature maintenance package

Another reason to consider a maintenance package is if you feel like it is getting to dangerous for you. The dreaded feeling that you are “getting to old for this”. It is a touchy subject, but it will happen to us all eventually. Maybe you aren’t getting older, but you have a bum knee, hip, or ankle. If you worry about your own safety when trying to care for your water feature, then it is definitely time for a maintenance package.

Lastly, you may want to consider a water feature maintenance package if for no other reason than having your feature regularly checked by a trained professional who may notice problems that you wouldn’t or know better how to keep problems from occurring to begin with. Whether it be a potential leak, or fish health issues, or just knowing how to keep the algae at bay. When you purchase a maintenance package, you aren’t just paying for someone to empty your skimmer basket. You are purchasing all the experience and know of people who know ponds inside and out. You are purchasing knowledge. And here at Willow Ridge we are happy to pass that knowledge on.

Catch you downstream.

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