The Victory Garden – Congratulations You Did It!

As we said at the beginning of this series, it’s been an incredibly strange time in all our lives. None of us want to feel scared or insecure about things that we believe are not in our control.

But, there is no reason to feel scared or insecure about the most important element of life, the ability to feed yourself and your family!

Whether you created a Victory Garden on a small patio scale, or you went big on a half acre or more, CONGRATULATIONS!! We’re proud of you!  Now, keep that forward momentum. Take advantage of the winters quiet to plan for the spring, share the bounty you’ve grown as well as what you’ve learned with others. Remember, we learn more from our mistakes than our successes!

As always we are here to answer questions but, we also want to hear about your victories! Show us those killer tomatoes! If you’re struggling and frustrated, reach out to us for help. You are a member of our Willow Ridge family, and that’s what families do!

Maybe you have an idea for a topic or another series you’d like us to investigate, don’t be shy, and throw it out there!

So, from all of us at the Garden Center, stay safe, stay healthy and, Get Your Hands Dirty! It’s Good For You!