Have you been thinking about different ways to boost the outside appearance of your home? You might be considering adding a new coat of paint, changing out your front door, adding some outdoor lighting, or updating your landscape. Freshening up your outdoor space is one of the quickest ways to see a change. You might be asking yourself where do you begin? First, take a survey of your existing landscape. Take note of things you like and do not like. Once that’s done, it’s time to make a game plan for your new space. Here is a link to a blog that covers all the things you’ll want to consider when designing your new space: https://willowridgegardencenter.com/landscape-repetition-creates-harmony/ . Now that you have created your new landscape design, it’s time to remove your old landscape. When taking out your old shrubs, it’s important to remove all the roots. If you don’t the old shrubs will grow back. Once the beds are clear, it’s time to lay out the new design. This is the fun part of the project; you’ll be able to move the plant around until you’re happy with the look. After that, it’s time to plant and mulch. Don’t forget pre-emergent to prevent future weeds!