Why do I need to aerate my Fish Pond?

Why do I need to aerate my Fish Pond?  Aerating your pond will reduce the chances of fish loss due to toxic conditions or lack of oxygen in the water. Known as bottom bubblers, they circulate the entire water column and eliminates toxic gases underneath.  With the increased levels of oxygen, you also get increased bacterial activity which will help to eliminate waste in the pond.  All of these things add up to help reduce the amount of pond maintenance you will need to do.

Modern ponds built to enhance the landscape design and aesthetic value, and reward for the home owner, are built with pumping systems and bio falls that help to keep the ponds clean and healthy. As your pond matures however, the pond may begin to experience large amounts of algae growth. Also during this stage the pond may develop a large buildup of organic debris at the bottom of the pond called “muck” which can become toxic to your aquatic life if not treated. The “muck” in your pond will slowly decompose and release nutrients into the water column. These excess nutrients will cause more and algae growth. Along with the nutrient spike, the water body will also experience a rise in toxic gas levels. Also, when organic material decomposes, it uses oxygen in the water, causing dangerously low oxygen levels in the depths of your pond.

Aeration Options

The best time to install your aeration system is when you first build your pond or when you have drained it for a clean out. We recommend Aquascape Aeration Kits. They come 2-outlet kits and 4-outlet kits and for really large ponds, Pond Air PRO 60. The size of your pond would determine which would be best for you. They increase water circulation and oxygen levels. They are extremely energy efficient and quiet. These kits come complete with winter-resistant air line, pre-installed check values and weighted aeration discs.

Aeration In The Summer

Aeration is particularly important in the summer and winter months. During the summer three factors can create danger for your fish. Summer temperatures heat the water in your pond which reduces the oxygen levels. Also, the radiant sunshine helps produce larger amounts of algae. Lastly, the increased algae produces more toxic gases. The aerator helps to circulate the water letting more oxygen into the water. During the winter it’s the months the aerator maintains a hole in the ice the can cover the pond, allowing toxic gases to escape. Another value of the aerator is the production of bubbles makes it more difficult for predators to see the fish in your pond.  If you want to disguise the bubble column, place the aerator under a waterfall.

Aeration In The Winter

Do I need to aerate my fish pond in the Winter? During the winter months or when the aeration kit is used during winter, make sure to move the air stones up to a 2 foot depth or half the distance from the bottom of the pond. What this accomplishes in our area is the creation of a hole in the ice which lets the toxic gases escape, protecting your fish.

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