Why is Fall the Best Time to Plant?

When our customers ask us the best time to plant, they are always surprised when we say Fall.  It’s not that you can’t plant in the spring, of course you can, but, Fall is the optimum time for several reasons.

Here in East Tennessee our Spring’s tend to end very abruptly. One week it’s in the 60’s and the next we’re soaring into the 80’s. This can be tough on our plants and on us as their caregivers. Newly establishing plants need attention and, for many of us Spring is an incredibly busy time. If we can’t water regularly when the temperatures start to climb, our new plants will stress and suffer because, not only are they trying to establish their roots but, they are also trying to send out new upper growth. This can be too much for the plant to handle. 

Temperatures in the fall tend to be more consistent, as is the rainfall. There is a longer period of time for the plants roots to establish before going dormant for the winter. This leads to a stress free plant with robust roots that will be ready to send out fresh new growth in the spring. It also helps relieve some of your watering load. Now, that doesn’t mean your plants won’t need to be watered. It just means that mother nature may help you along.