Mulching 101

We’re going to talk all about a little landscape bedding area project we’ve got and talk about a landscaping basic:  Mulch.  Everybody likes to know:

  • Why they should mulch?
  • When they should mulch?
  • How thick they should mulch?

Well, there are two main reasons that will clear up all these questions. 

Why Should You Mulch?

First, primarily for Weed Seed Germination prevention.  Seed Germination is the process of seeds developing into plants.  Mulch aids in stopping weeds turn from their seeds into their plant form.

Second, as moisture retention for your plants to benefit.  Keeping 2 to 3 inches of mulch around your plants all year round will help retain the necessary moisture.  So, during the times of drought, your plants will have some residual moisture to draw upon.  

What Are The Main Benefits Of Mulch?

  • It keeps the plants in the bed healthier
  • It keeps you from watering so often because there is some residual retention there 
  • Third, is the weed seed germination prevention
    • Weeds can get started in your mulch beds.  But, they are not like soil because it’s loose and not compacted.  So, the roots don’t have a place to take a hold.  They may germinate, show green for a little while, but soon desiccate and die.  And they are easier to pick out, especially after rain or a good watering.  

In summary, these are the reasons why we mulch.  Remember to maintain that 2 to 3 inches all year round for your beds and plants as they benefit from moisture retention.  That is your landscape basic for the day.