Benefits to Fall Planting in Tennessee

Fall is upon us!  There are several benefits to Fall planting.  The temperatures are cooler now which makes for less stressful growing conditions for new plantings. It’s less stressful on the human body as well! Planting trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcover now will ensure an effortless beautiful landscape next growing season… just watch your handiwork unfold next Spring and Summer.

Fall Planting

Fall planting of woody trees, shrubs, and perennials allows plants to develop roots now! They will become well established and ready for next growing season. You will have to water less frequently due to less evaporation during our shorter daylight hours. When the regular rains begin in November, you may not have to water at all until late spring of next year. Of course if you plant in containers, you will need to check the moisture content periodically throughout the winter.


Fall is also the best time to transplant. When digging a plant and relocating it, you will be reducing its root system. This stresses plants when they are actively growing. In the fall, plants are going dormant so the root reduction does not affect the top growth too much. Dividing perennials is best done now as well.

Amend Your Soil!

For best survival rates of your fall plantings be sure to amend the clay soil with soil conditioner (fine ground pine bark). It provides organic matter and improves drainage throughout the soil. Add a 2-3” layer of organic mulch as a top dressing and avoid contact with the stem of your plants. The benefits of mulching are moisture retention, weed suppression, stabilizing soil temperatures, and improved appearance of the entire landscape.

Now that you know the benefits to Fall planting, don’t let this planting season pass you by. Celebrate by making your landscape better now and especially in the spring!

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