Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants!

Organic gardening means two things: avoiding harmful chemicals and improving soil.  The difference between “conventional” and organic growing is that conventional feeds the plant, while Organic growing FEEDS THE SOIL so IT can feed the plant.  A  Healthy Soil provides everything a plant needs.

Soil improvement is cheap and easy. To bring life to your soil you just have to add vegetative matter.  A good way to do this is called Sheet Composting.  In the Fall, take all the leaves that drop from your trees & run over them with the lawn mower to chop them up.   Spread them over your garden about 4-6” deep. Clear a few inches around stems of trees and shrubs, so that it’s not touching.

By Spring, most of this will have decomposed.  Creating a lovely layer of worm-rich humus filled with beneficial organisms.  Scratch this into the top 3” of original soil, or plant right in it.  Do this every winter and your plants will thrive – no chemicals needed.

If you didn’t compost those leaves this year, we’ve got your back.  We carry compost  to feed this season’s soil.  Add a good 2” layer of compost to the vegetable garden in March, working some into each hole that you dig before placing the plants. Compost is the Cadillac of soil amendments, so use it when planting annuals, perennials , trees and shrubs. It’s all good!