It’s Winter, Can I Transplant My Plants?


Hey everyone, it’s Robert Smiddy at Willow Ridge Garden Center and Landscaping. It’s time for another edition of Ask The Expert.

It’s late fall and a couple of the questions I receive a lot during this time are “What can I do if my plants are in the wrong place,  and if so;  Can I transplant them?”

Moving Plants Is Pretty Easy!

The answer is absolutely yes!  Fall is a great time for planting so it is also a great time for transplanting as well.  One of the exceptions to the rule may be if you have something like a Camellia plant.  Usually these types of plants bloom later in the fall, in which case you  would want to avoid transplanting these plants during their bloom cycle.  

However, you can transplant most plants around the Fall season.  Think about where you want your plants to be, prepare the soil, in the area you are moving them to and make sure you water thoroughly and fertilize them appropriately at the time of transplanting.  Additionally, adding a layer of mulch in the fall will give added insulation and protection from winter’s freezing temperatures. Be sure your mulch layer is between 3-4 inches thick to gain the maximum benefit. 

The key is to get them in the ground and care for them so they can produce foliage and flowers for you in the long run.  Thanks again for tuning in to another edition of Ask The Expert with Robert Smiddy.  Remember, at Willow Ridge, we know the best dirt!

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