Is Christmas Tree Trunk Cracking a Problem?

Christmas Tree trunk cracking can occur when the tree loses too much moisture.  This can happen either as a result of being cut or from growing conditions.  It usually begins as a crack at the base of the tree and turns into a split that can extend up the trunk.  The questions are whether this affects the quality of the tree and what causes it?

How does Christmas tree trunk cracking affect the quality of the tree?

No, it really shouldn’t be a major concern.  If a fresh cut is put on the bottom of the tree, it will be able to take up water normally.  This will keep the tree hydrated for the entire Christmas season. In fact, cracks will often close up once they start taking up water.  It’s important to remember that since it is no longer in the ground the only water it gets, is what we give it.  To get the most out of your tree, keep it in water continuously.

The Fraser Fir Christmas trees sold at Willow Ridge Garden Center are placed on stands that have water reservoirs. This provides them with the moisture needed to prevent them from drying out. We use a pin-style tree stand. We drill a hole in the bottom of all our trees and a spike attached to the stand is driven into the hole.  In the event of trunk cracking the pin-style stand may not hold the tree stable enough.  However, all other types of stands should not be a problem.

What causes the trunk to crack?

For a detailed explanation of how Christmas tree trunk cracking occurs, follow the link below.

When Trunks Crack: What Should You Do?

Here at Willow Ridge we do everything we can to ensure a fresh, well hydrated Christmas trees, that when properly watered should be beautiful, safe, and healthy throughout the holiday season.

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