It’s Winter, What is happening to my plants?


Winter time Plants: Do you need to do anything for them?

Hey everyone, it’s Robert Smiddy at Willow Ridge Garden Center and Landscaping.  I’m glad you could join me for another edition of Ask The Expert.

Today, I’m going to address one of the questions I frequently get and that is; “What are my plants doing in the Winter” and “Do I need to do anything for them?” The answers are they are expanding their root zones and “Yes” you can do several things. Because this is sub-surface activity It’s just not visible to you so let’s break down what you can do.

Let’s breakdown what’s happening with your plants

In the Winter time, metabolic systems are shutting down; days are shorter, nights are colder.  Your plants are getting a lot less sunlight, temperatures are cooler, and plants are starting to stop producing food and flowers.  They are producing more new roots and expanding the size of older ones which is making them stronger plants. 

So, with those stronger root zones, in the Spring and Summer they will produce healthy new foliage and flowers.  So, although in Winter those plants may seem inactive, they are alive. Your maintenance for them shouldn’t be something you need to worry about too much during this time. They don’t need much in the way of nutrition from fertilizer, however they do still need water in the Winter.  If you go into a drought situation in the winter, make sure they get a few deep waterings a month to stay healthy and strong.  

I am glad you were able to join me for another edition of Ask The Expert.  We will see you next time.  Remember, at Willow Ridge, we know the best dirt!  

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