A Little Story About We Plan You Plant

We Plan You Plant is a free service to help you plan and design a specific area in your landscape.

In a gardener’s yard,
On a cold winter’s night,
A bitter wind blowing,
Not a green leaf in sight;
The beautiful gardens,
Once vibrant and bold,
Sat withered and shriveled,
Outside in the cold.

The hearth was aglow
With a warm, comfy blaze,
And there sat a gardener,
Counting the days,
Longing for greenery,
Flowers and vines,
Dreaming of spring
From her indoor confines.

“I know what I’ll do”,
She jumped up and proclaimed,
“I’ll plan my new garden-
It’ll be like a game.
Being internet savvy
As today’s shoppers are,
She started her computer
Instead of her car.

“Where should I start?
Why not a website –
That’d surely be smart!”
Off to willowridgegardencenter.com she went,
And clicked on program called We Plan You Plant.
Her garden’s measurements and pictures she sent,
Together they created a garden to enchant.

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*the poem was adapted from a story by James Kohut published by Northscaping Inc. 2014