Tis’ the season for holiday gatherings but often we just don’t know what to bring as a hostess gift. This year why not bring a beautiful holiday plant? With so many to choose from let’s take a look at the most popular.

Poinsettias are a holiday classic and they’ve come a long way over the years. Once only available in red and white, today there are several beautiful hybrids to enjoy.  Pink, salmon, orange, gold and variegated as well as nontraditional petal shapes like the double ruffle

Amaryllis is a strikingly bold flower at the top of a tall thick stem.  This bulb is easy to care for and makes a statement with its bright red, white, pink or peach blooms.

Narcissus or Paper Whites are a small white flowering bulb that have a unique smell and look amazing when planted as a group in smaller pots. Try tying them with a holiday ribbon to add a festive touch.

Christmas Cactus is a traditional favorite. Their unique leaf and flower shape as well as their arching habit add beauty to the holiday home. Easy to care for and propagate, the Christmas Cactus is one of our favorites!

Cyclamen is a low mounding type plant with cup shaped blooms that bend downward. They have lush green foliage and come in bold pink, red and white.

Lucky Bamboo is the perfect plant to start the New Year! It’s almost impossible to kill and is happy in a decorative pot filled with water and stones. You can choose from straight stalks or those that were trained with twists, turn and even braids!

Whichever plant you choose to give as a gift, make it fun! Wrap the pot in colorful foil or add a big bodacious bow. Be sure to keep it watered and remove any spent blooms before bringing it to your host.  Willow Ridge always has plant care sheets available so remember to give this to your host incase they aren’t familiar with their particular plant.

Happy Holidays!

blooming holiday plants