As our Fall gardens fade and bright autumn colors turn to brown, we are grateful for the continuation of life that houseplants can bring into our homes but they can get the winter blues too!

Now is the time to give them a little extra thought and care. In this blog we’ll talk about pests, water, heat and repotting.

Many of us bring our houseplants outdoors for the summer to add some beauty to our covered patios but just like outdoor plants, they can be invaded by pest and you don’t want to bring those bugs into your home! Before taking them back indoors for the winter, inspect your plants carefully for signs of spider mites, ants, mealy bugs, scale, gnats and whiteflies.

Our own garden Guru, Chris Johnson, produced a fantastic video on cleaning your houseplants. Click the link below for her instruction on the most effective methods.

Once your plants are ready to come inside we need to rethink water and heat. While outside, watering needs were determined by the weather. There may have been weeks when they didn’t need an extra drop and another where you may have watered every other day. 

In winter, our homes tend to be consistently warm and very dry. The first few weeks after changing environment, you should check your plants for water daily until they become acclimated and be sure to go back to your regular fertilization schedule. Also, try and keep your plants away from heating vents where they can dry out too fast.

While your plants were outdoors, they may have had accelerated growth. This is the time to check on the roots and repot any plants that may be outgrowing their containers. 

If you need help deciding if it’s time to repot, please come visit us at the garden center where our experts can guide you. 

Following these simple steps can ensure a healthy transition for our houseplants and keep them happy throughout the winter!