As you see the first signs of winter approaching you might be tempted to take down your ornamental grasses. But I would encourage you to hold off on the pruning until late winter/early spring. This is only for the grasses in your landscape, as there are many other perennials and shrubs that enjoy and fall pruning. Grasses are fun statement piece in the landscape. One thing that makes them great is as they go dormant the green blades slowly fade to tan. But, they retain their shape and add movement to the landscape in your cold winter months. As winter begins to fade, it will be time to cut back your ornamental grasses. It’s time for their yearly haircut! Take your garden pruners and put on your garden gloves because some of the blades tend to cut the skin. Then, cut back the grasses 1/3 of the way, leaving a couple inches of old grow still showing. As the temperatures begin to rise you will see new growth emerging.