You’re starting to dream up your new landscape. Like most things, as you start to plan you wonder how much this is going to cost. The price of a new landscape can vary depending on what you want to have done. As always, you can click this link to talk with one of our landscape designers. We will be able to go over your future project and pricing. In this blog, we will cover some of the factors that will change the overall price.

Yard size

Look at your space. Do you want to re do one bed or all of them? Are we creating new beds in your yard? The bigger your yard is and the amount of space we touch will increase your price.

Site Access

If your planting site is easy to access, this will not influence the price. Hills, gates, fences, small workspaces are all things that will drive cost.

Plant selection

It is true that plants bought from big box stores are much cheaper than what is sold at Willow Ridge. But the plants being sold from Willow Ridge will most likely look better and come with a 1-year warranty. Maturity can also drive the cost. A 5-foot 15-gallon Nellie R stevens holly sells for $179.99. Compared to a ball and burlap 6-7foot Nellie R Stevens holly that sells at $299.99.


Where are you located to us? We are in Oak Ridge, and we serve Knoxville and surrounding areas. That’s not to say if you are not located close to us, we won’t help you out, but traveling distance can increase your cost.