Usually when you are checking out at Willow Ridge Garden Center, someone will ask “hey do you want some soil conditioner with that?” The answer should be yes! Soil conditioner goes hand in hand with water, fertilizer, and sunshine. If you have done any kind of digging in your yard, what is the first color of soil you see. If I had to take a guess, it would be red clay. In East Tennessee we have been graced with beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and red clay. And if it’s solid red clay, it is going to hold water. If you aren’t planting a pond plant, you probably do not want that. This is where having a bag of soil conditioner (which is sold at the garden center for $9.99) comes in handy. Soil conditioner helps improve soil structure by improving aeration, water holding capacity, and providing nutrients. It helps break down compacted soil and give the plant roots a place to grow.