Help! My pond water is green: How to get rid of Pea Soup Algae

Greetings from the world of waterscapes!  We service all kind of water features throughout the greater Knoxville area and the question I am asked most often is “How do I get rid of my green water?”. If your ecosystem is out of whack, this is how you whip it back into shape.  Say goodbye to Pea Soup Algae!

Green water is caused by single-cell organisms called phytoplankton. Also known as pea soup algae. It is, in fact, not your water that is green. It is the tiny specks of green algae floating around in your water. What allows algae to run rampant in your water feature is any combination of the following problems. Too much sun, not enough aeration, and an imbalance of bacteria.

Algae feed off fish waste, decomposing plant debris, and other nutrients in the water. Rain runoff into your pond, or adding water constantly, can irritate this problem even further. Combine all of this with lots of sunlight and/or stagnant water and you have an algae bloom. You can treat algae problems in two parts, improving aeration, and adding Bacteria.

Improving aeration helps activate Bacteria and hinder algae growth. A waterfall is a great way to do this naturally. However, depending on the shape and size of your pond, you may still end up with dead spots that algae will thrive in. To help with this you can add aeration systems such as these.

Adding Beneficial Bacteria is essential. I must stress how important these little enzymes are to your water quality. Bacteria help treat and prevent algae blooms because they break down the waste, debris, and nitrates that algae would otherwise feast on. The quickest way to get rid of Pea soup algae is to have plenty of aeration and add Powder Beneficial Bacteria every day. It should clear up in 8 to 14 days.

Once your water clears don’t stop adding your bacteria. When your pond is healthy and clear, keep it that way by adding liquid and powder bacteria, alternately, at least once a week. Also, you can install an automatic dosing system that treats your pond with Beneficial Bacteria continually.

We are familiar with, and carry, all the products listed and are happy to help with any additional questions you may have about your water feature.

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How Beneficial Bacteria Helps Control Algae In Your Pond