Some Hot Tips On How To Water Your Plants

Now that Summer is here and temperatures have risen, it’s more important than ever to know When & How To Water Your Plants. Here are some good tips:

Water Evenly – It’s better to keep plants evenly moist, water the entire root system.

Avoid Over Watering – Water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. This allows the oxygen levels in the soil to remain healthy and prevents root rot.

Water Early or Late – Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening.  You get less evaporation this way and the plants can remain hydrated and deal with the heat of the day better.

Don’t water the leaves – Avoid watering directly on the leaves. Wet leaves in the evening can lead to fungus and mold. Water on the leaves during the sunny hot part of the day can lead to scalding.

Soil Preparation – When planting in East Tennessee with our clay rich soils, it pays to use a soil conditioner. This improves drainage and prevents water-logging the soil.

Take your time – If a plant requires a lot of water, it’s better to water in stages. Water the plant a little, move on to the next one and then come back once the first water has had a chance to soak in. You waste less water due to run off that way.

Irrigation – Be smart with irrigation, do it at the right time of day and for the right amount of time. You can set timers for each area that you have, based on the plants in that area.

Know Your Plants

Keep in mind that different plants require different levels of water. If you water all your plants the same, you may end up drowning some and losing some to dehydration. Paying attention is your best bet to deal with this.  Plants will let you know by wilting or curling leaves if they are drying out. A little research ahead of time or when your selecting the plants will help as well.  Most tags let you know the water requirements.