New Aquascape Pond Products For 2018

Spring is around the corner and cleanout season has officially begun. So, I wanted to take the chance to introduce you to all of the new Aquascape pond products that have arrived in the store. I will have all of these products handy and ready to install at all of your pond cleanouts. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have about them. Aquascape has released some great upgrades for already existing products that I am really excited to show you all, as well as some products that have been around that we have now started carrying and some whole new products released this year in answer to all the requests from the water feature community. I hope you get as excited about them as we did.

New Water Treatments

In the past the Automatic Dosing System has had its own line of product that was only available in the dosing bags. The water treatments in that line contained more than just beneficial bacteria and did more for your pond. Starting this year, you can now get the Maintain and Clean products in pump action bottles. This is really exciting for people who want to manually dose their water feature with an all-in-one product that treats multiple issues.

Fish Care

We are also carrying more fish care products. Previously we only carried salt for treating fish. But, sometimes it’s just not enough. Now we carry Ich and infection treatment as well as protect for ponds, which is used to de-stress fish after a cleanout or other stressful event.

Aeration Improvements

The Pro60 aerator has proven to be a great tool for anyone with a pond. Circulation is critical to fish health and water quality, and the small aerators, while great for fish, does nothing for circulation. However, the Pro60 can also be overkill for a smaller pond. Aquascape was flooded with requests for an intermediate between the tiny bubblers and the Pro60. So, they answered those requests with the new Pro20 aerator. It gives great circulation like the pro60 but on a slightly smaller scale. Also, we have new upgraded for both of these products including a new diffuser and weighted tubing that are more durable, less visible, and better functioning. Also, an added feature of a splitter. So, you can now have two diffusers on your large aerator to function in multiple areas of your pond. Cover two dead spots with one aerator!

aquascape pond products

New Bubbling Urns

Last but not least we have some great new water feature available. You are probably familiar with the stacked slate urn, which we have had displayed her at the shop for some time now. For 2018 Aquascape released two new styles of urns. The scalloped and the rippled urns. These are available in all the same sizes and options of the slate urn so all you have to do is select the style that suits you. If you have a slate urn, but you like one of the new styles better, they are interchangeable. So, we can replace your old urn with a new one easily.

aquascape pond products                        aquascape pond products

If you have any question about these new Aquascape pond products, we are waiting for your call. Catch you downstream.

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