Where Should I Put My Pond?

If you are like I was a few years ago, you are super excited about putting in a water feature, but you don’t know where to put it. Figuring out the best spot for a pond, stream and/or waterfall can be intimidating. But, not to worry, I’m going to list the key components in answering the question Where should I put my pond?

Shade vs. Sun

Usually the first question people ask is shade vs. direct sun. On one hand algae loves sun, on the other hand algae also loves debris from trees. So, if you build your pond directly under large trees you may still have an algae problem. Another thing to consider is plant growth in and around your pond. The amount of flowering plants that bloom and thrive in shade is more limited. For example, if you have water lilies in your pond and it is in constant shade they will probably not produce any buds and even if they do, the bud will not bloom unless it has direct sunlight. Picking a spot that gets part shade is a good option, but you want to keep timing in mind. Most of the time I would spend by my pond would be in the late afternoon. So, in picking a location to build I wanted to make sure the lilies would get enough sun to bloom in the afternoon when I can sit and enjoy them.


Shade versus sun is not nearly as important as the next two components. Where are you going to get the maximum enjoyment out of it? The most important thing to consider when deciding where to put a water feature is making sure that you are going to see and interact with it as much as possible. Put it in a place where it is visible from as many windows as possible, so you can enjoy it from inside the house as well as outside. Avoid putting it so far away from the house that you will never directly interact with it. If you do put it farther from the house, plan on building an outdoor living space to accompany it. Such as a patio with a pergola and sitting area, and maybe even a grilling station or firepit.


Lastly you want to keep slopes in mind when planning a stream and/or waterfall. If your viewing area is the patio right outside your backdoor, and your backyard slopes downward, you don’t want to put a waterfall or stream leading away from the patio downhill into a pond, because if the waterfall is facing away from your viewing area and going down hill you won’t be able to see and hear it. When building a stream or waterfall you want to use natural slopes, but you also want it to be as visible as possible, and when building a pond, you want the ground to be as level as possible.

Building a water feature is about creating something that will maximize your outdoor experience. Water features provide something beautiful, natural, and most importantly stimulating. They should be moving, motivating, relaxing, and energizing all in one. It is meant to give you a sense of peace and purpose. It is meant to be a sanctuary to escape the mundane day to day. None of these things can be accomplished if you put it in the wrong place . . . no pressure. If you need us we are always here to help you find the ideal location for your dream water feature. Catch you downstream.


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