Plant a tree for Arbor Day

“The Spirit of Arbor Day” – that each of us can make a positive contribution to a better tomorrow by planting trees – has long been a wonderful reflection of American ideals put into action.” – The Arbor Day Foundation


Trees clear the air, conserve topsoil and protect our water supplies.  Leaves absorb carbon dioxide and help slow climate change.  Each one of us can & should be responsible for lessening our own carbon footprint.  Tree root structures hold soil in place, preventing erosion.  As fallen leaves decay, they create topsoil by depositing organic matter into barren soil.  This top layer of soil is where all plant life will spring forth from.  Tree roots filter dangerous man made chemicals & help keep our water supplies clean as well.


Trees are invaluable to our home landscapes.  The shade from trees helps keep our homes cooler in the Summer.  This means we use less energy (lower utility bills!)  The add value to your home’s curb appeal.  Trees also add value to your families life by providing a shady picnic area or a natural “Climbing Structure” for the kids. It’s also a place to experience the natural world as birds nest and feed.  From the first blooms in Spring, the leafy protection in Summer to the colorful foliage in Fall, Trees also add beauty to our lives.


Trees provide everlasting memories.  Sitting under a shade tree visiting with family, your child’s first encounter with a squirrel, or the big old tree that grew near your home.  Honor a recently deceased relative by planting a tree to remember them by.  Celebrate a child’s birthday by planting a tree and taking their photo beside it each birthday thereafter or plant a tree as a pet memorial for the family’s faithful dog.

Here at Willow Ridge Garden Center, we find that flowering trees such as Dogwoods, Redbuds & Cherries are the most popular “Memory Trees”.  We encourage you to take a few hours this Arbor Day and plant a tree.  We stand ready to advise you on the type, placement & soil preparation of your new tree.  Heck, We’ll even plant it for you!

Trees are priceless to Us, to the Earth, to our Future.
How To Plant A Tree