Is My Pond Pump Broken?

Is my pond pump broken? How do I tell if I need a new pump?

I often get calls from people saying that their pump just quit working. They think it is broken. So, one of us makes the drive out to check on it. But it wasn’t their pump, it was an electrical issue. Now this customer has accrued a service fee to have something checked that didn’t need checked and they are still going to have to call an electrician to solve the real problem. Wasted time and wasted money are not fun things for any of us. So, here are a few steps you can take to determine which specialist you need to call.

Check The Outlet

So, your pump has just shut off all of the sudden. Is your pond pump broken? The first thing you want to do is check the outlet that the pump is plugged into. If it has a GFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) or reset button, push it. If it does not have a reset button, you may have to check your breaker box for a tripped switch. Once you have done this, if your pump still doesn’t come on, try plugging something else into the outlet that you know will work. Like a small lamp. If the lamp doesn’t turn on then it is an electrical issue and you should call an electrician. If it does turn on then you know it is the pump and you should call us to replace it.

Try A Different Outlet

If you reset the outlet and the pump came back on, the outage could have been caused by the outlet getting wet and tripping the GFI. But, it could also have been tripped by your pump going bad. The way to determine which, in this case, is to plug your pump into a different outlet. You may need an extension cord to reach one, preferably one attached to the house. Perhaps on a cover porch or in a garage. Once you have done this, wait a day or so and see if you pump shuts off again. If it does shut off again, then your pump is on its last leg and it is time to replace it. If it does not shut off again, then your GFI probably got wet. Plug your pump back in to its original outlet and if you continue to have problems, consider calling an electrician.

If you do determine that your pump is bad. Go ahead and make a note of the make model and if possible, the year it was installed. This information will save you time in finding the right replacement to purchase, or if you have us replace it for you we will already have

If any of this is overwhelming, don’t worry about it. Call us and we are happy to help. Catch you downstream.

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