The Importance of Cold Water Bacteria

The cold weather is upon us. That means it’s time to put away your Beneficial Bacteria and switch to Cold Water Bacteria. I’m sure you are probably wondering if this is really a necessary step in the care of your pond. But believe it or not there is a bit of science to it.

A pond is an ecosystem that works in a cycle. This cycle relies on aerobic bacteria, growing plants, and active fish, working together to break down the debris that falls in the water.  They keep the debris from settling on the bottom and turning to muck. We cut back foliage and net the pond going into fall to prevent too much debris falling into the pond, overloading the ecosystem, and making a mess. But it is important to know there is a reason it is so easy for your pond to get overwhelmed when cold weather comes.

When the temperature of the water drops consistently below 50 degrees, most aerobic bacteria (the stuff in your Beneficial Bacteria) shuts down, and your fish and plants enter a state of dormancy. Due to this fact, it means that your pond has way more debris to break down than normal.  To make things more difficult, the guys that usually break this down are all taking a nice long nap.

This is where Cold Water Bacteria comes in. However, there are a few strains that stay active in temperatures below 50. Cold Water Bacteria for ponds contains those strains.  This makes it a key part of keeping your pond clean and clear through the winter and helping prepare it for spring.

As always we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Catch you down stream.

Here’s the video : Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

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