It’s easy to add fabulous foliage color to that drab shady area of your yard. Foliage will carry a garden long after the early spring flowering season is finished. Perennial Hosta, Heuchera and Ferns are our top three picks.

Hosta have big bold colorful foliage in solid blue, green, or gold tones, and many are “painted” with white or gold blotches. The plants vary greatly in size as well. Some types grow up to 3’ tall with individual leaves of 16” wide and long! There are also miniature Hosta such as Mouse Ears that only get 4” tall. Collecting the many types of hosta can become a hobby in itself.

All Hosta mix well with Heuchera, which are often called Coral Bells. Heuchera foliage is prized for their purple, copper, red, and chartreuse coloring. Some are laced with shimmery, silver tones. Plant in groups in front of a large specimen Hosta to create a tapestry of living color.


The last layer of texture to add to our shade garden is the feathery foliage of ferns. Most have fronds of rich deep green and look great paired with the blues and golds of hosta and the burgundy of certain Heuchera. Three’s company! Japanese painted ferns have silvery fronds with purple stems and they look phenomenal with purple Heuchera such as Plum Pudding.

Please explore these three fabulous shade perennials at Willow Ridge Garden Center and experience the best selection of shade perennials in East Tennnessee.

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