You’ve gotta love the Loropetalums for their striking deep purple foliage. Grown in full sun they put on a show at least three seasons of the year.  In Spring, the beautiful young leaves sport rich purple/burgundy tones along with fringe like flowers in pink or red.

Ever Red Loropetalum

Ever Red Loropetalum has red flowers and retains its foliage color throughout the year, reaching 6’ x6’ at maturity.  We also love Purple Diamond for its larger scale, maturing at 5’ x 5’ with pink flowers.  Both varieties are great as backdrops, in mixed border plantings, or even as a hedge.

If you need purple foliage as an accent in front of taller shrubs or under low windows in a foundation planting, our favorites are Purple Pixie or the newer Crimson Fire Loropetalum.

Purple Pixie

Purple Pixie has a dwarf spreading habit, growing 1’-2’ tall by 4’-5’ wide. It provides a groundcover effect that blooms pink in the Spring. It also looks great in large pot of mixed plants, as it will cascade over the side.

Crimson Fire Lorapetalum

The newer Crimson Fire grows 2’ tall by 3’ wide and also sports pink flowers above purple foliage. The compact shape fits well into foundation plantings and provides a colorful layered effect when planted towards the front of a bed.

All these varieties of Loropetalum have purple foliage and have many uses in the garden. They can be evergreen, but may lose leaves in colder winters. New growth bursts forth in late March/early April, which coincides with their flowering time. They will sporadically bloom again in late Summer or early Fall. Prune after they flower in the Spring and lightly throughout the season to maintain their shape. Pruning heavily in the Fall removes next Spring’s flower buds. Add some purple pizzazz to your garden this year: plant a Loropetalum or three!