Not everyone has a yard that can boast a 40 foot oak! Some of us have smaller yards but, we still want the benefits of some shade.

Thankfully, there are several options to consider! Let’s look at our favorites;

Japanese Maples have too many cultivars to list them all, but we love them for their disease and pest resistance. As far as size, the range is huge! From only a few feet tall to over 25 feet, there will always be an option to fit your space.  Their foliage can be green, purple or variegated and you can choose weeping, cascading or upright. If you want winter interest, take a look at the Coral Bark variety that packs a big winter punch!

Crepe Myrtles are another great option! In all, there are over 50 different varieties ranging in size from 1-2 feet all the way up to 40 feet and every color of the rainbow. If you’re looking for a midsized tree think about Osage, Pink Velour, Raspberry Sunday, Sioux, Tuskegee, or Yuma which all range from 10-20 feet tall.

The Rising Sun Redbud is also a must have! Reaching only 15 feet high it boasts beautiful, purple, sweet pea like flowers n the spring, followed by pale green, heart shaped leaves in summer and brilliant yellow, apricot and red foliage in the fall.

The Little Gem Magnolia is a star for the smaller yard. If you love magnolias but just can’t do the size of larger varieties this is the tree for you! At maturity it reaches 25’ in height and 10’ in width.  The leaves are evergreen with a velvety brown underneath.  The large lemon scented flowers appear in late spring, re appearing sporadically in the summer, then again in fall.

The Jane Magnolia is another winner!  It’s a multi-trunked tree and grows to 15’ tall and about 10’ wide with a gorgeous display of large flowers that are white on the inside and purple outside. The Jane blooms in March or April depending on weather.

So if you have a small space that’s just begging for the addition of a tree, come see our selection at the garden center. We know you’ll find the perfect tree for you!