Christmas Tree Recycling

Another Christmas has come and gone, and although we may breathe a sigh of relief when the hustle and bustle [...]

Christmas Tree Recycling2023-02-07T15:54:45-05:00

Quick Holiday tips

How many tree lights do I need? The rule is 100 lights for every 1.5 foot of tree but never [...]

Quick Holiday tips2023-02-07T15:54:46-05:00

Norfolk Island Pine Care

The Norfolk Pine is a plant that we have come to know as a miniature indoor Christmas Tree. They brighten [...]

Norfolk Island Pine Care2023-02-07T15:55:02-05:00

Light up the night!

Here’s a fun idea to light up your pathway and guide guests to your front door. Icy luminaries! Any container [...]

Light up the night!2023-02-07T15:55:03-05:00
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