Here’s a fun idea to light up your pathway and guide guests to your front door. Icy luminaries!

Any container can be used but paper, half gallon or pint milk containers seem to work best. You’ll need:

  • Milk containers
  • Paper cups
  • Enough sand or rocks to fill the paper cups
  • Tea lights or battery operated fairy lights
  • Optional- food coloring to color the water, artificial or fresh greens, berries etc

Cut your milk container down to the height of your paper cup. Place the cup containing the sand or rocks in the center of the container. Carefully pour enough water into the container until it almost reaches the top. If using greens or berries, place these in the water around the cup.

Place the containers in the freezer until the night of the party. Remove from the freezer and empty the sand or rocks from the cup. Use a hot towel inside the cup to release it and then dip the container in hot water for a moment or two and tear away the milk container.

Place your icy luminaries along your path and place the tea or fairy lights inside. You just added a touch of sparkle to your next holiday gathering!