Pets and Christmas trees…it’s like moths to a flame! So how do we keep our furry friends from treating our tree like it’s playtime for toddlers at chucky cheese? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan to place your tree in an area away from launching pads such as book cases or chairs and in a place where your pets do not normally hang out.
  2. Set up the Christmas tree but leave it undecorated for a few days to let your pet get use to the new smell.
  3. If possible use a baby gate in the room’s doorway to keep dogs out or use a baby play yard to encircle the tree.
  4. If you have cats, pick up a clear runner mat with the carpet teeth on the back and place it upside down around the tree.
  5. If you must put fragile ornaments on the tree, try to place them near the top and secure them to the inside thicker branches, wrapping a wire all the way around the branch rather than using traditional hooks.
  6. Place unbreakable ornaments at the bottom of the tree but try to avoid dangly, sparkly ornaments that will only attract their attention.
  7. Avoid using tinsel or garland which can be lodged in a pet’s digestive tract if eaten.
  8. Cover the tree stand completely so pets won’t be tempted to use it as a water bowl and don’t use tree fresh additives that are not pet safe.
  9. Bring in a few new toys for your pet to keep their attention away from the tree.
  10. Consider a tabletop tree that can be kept out of their reach.
  11. And finally, if all else fails, place a hook in the wall hidden behind the tree, and use a heavyweight fishing line wrapped from the upper half of the tree trunk to the hook. If the worst happens and your furry friend tries to climb the tree, you may just have saved it from hitting the ground and breaking every family heirloom ornament you own! Yes, lesson learned personally

But the most important tip of all…remember, our pets are part of the family and, they are as curious as a toddler, so we need to do our part to keep them safe by keeping temptations to a minimum.

Willow Ridge Wishes you and your furry friends a Merry Christmas!