Three Trees for the Best Fall Color

You love the Fall. The spectacular transformation of green to golds, reds, and oranges is an invitation to enjoy nature on a more personal level. Reconnecting with our outdoor living areas under clear skies, we bask on the patio or sit around the firepit. Do you want to add more color to your yard for many seasons to come? Plant these three trees: Dogwood, Kwanzan Cherry, or Sugar Maple for the best Fall color.

Our beloved native Dogwood tree is tops for red colored leaves in the Fall. You know the Dogwood from the April show it puts on with large white flowers. The Dogwood is a small scale ornamental tree that matures to 25 feet tall and wide. It makes a beautiful accent tree, summer privacy screen, or when grouped together will naturalize an area. Come Fall, it takes center stage once again with its deep red foliage.

Kwanzan Cherry is a good choice for yellow Fall foliage. You may know this ornamental cherry for its double pink blossoms in early April. A showy vase, shaped tree reaching 25 feet by 25 feet it also works as a specimen, in groupings, or a patio privacy tree. It makes for some of the best fall color with great golden yellow leaves sometimes tinged with orange. Most landscapes could use at least one of these show stoppers. Both Dogwoods and Cherries allow for a low underplanting of Azaleas, Spireas, Abelias, and flowering perennials. Grouping these in an island bed can add so much to the barren yard of a newly constructed home.

Lastly, nothing rivals a Sugar Maple for brilliant yellow and vibrant orange Fall color. A slow growing, large shade tree, Sugar Maples will mature to 50 feet or more. It will protect you from the heat of summer if placed properly, provide habit for the birds, and give the kids a place to play. Life is better under a shade tree where people gather to sit and eat, break beans, or catch a breeze on a swing.

So enjoy the cooler weather, clear blue skies, and beautiful changing foliage. Plant a tree or two in your own landscape now, because the Fall is the best time to plant. Look forward to many seasons to come as you watch your new tree grow and put on a show in the Spring and Fall.

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