There’s no holiday rule that says your tree needs to look the same year after year. Shaking up your Christmas traditions can be a fun activity for the whole family and it doesn’t have to break the bank!

So let’s talk about themes! Holiday magazines are loaded with them. Everything from retro to modern, or themes by color or characters. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. The most important thing to remember about your theme is that it needs to be something you love. Are you crazy about nature? Is there a sports team your passionate about? Does your family travel a lot? If you choose something you love, the rest will fall into place!

Try to focus on one aspect of the theme. If for example you were going with a sports theme, it might be overwhelming to fill the tree with ornaments than span every sport and every team that you love. Focus instead on one sport or team. Most teams have two colors. Use one color to light the tree and the other color for the Christmas balls. Use specific team ornaments placed in a pattern throughout the tree to tie it all together. Doing this gives the eyes a place to rest and take it all in, rather than darting from one place to another trying to see it all.

Think outside the box for your tree topper and skirt. Unexpected items can add a unique touch. Going with the sports theme, a football helmet, baseball cap or team pendants are a great focal point and, a team blanket used as a tree skirt adds a touch of fun.

Whatever theme you choose, just remember to keep a focus, avoid sensory overload, be creative and have fun with it! Find creative & unique holiday items here at Willow Ridge Garden Center & Landscape.

Happy Holidays!